How It Works

Here at the Melba Wine Club it is our job to make your Yarra Valley wine experience memorable and as easy as possible.
So how does it work?


Join Us

Simply click REGISTER, enter in the relevant information we require and be taken on an unforgettable wine journey you won’t experience in a shop.

Currently we have four different SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGES and two GIFTING PACKAGES.


Pick your package

Melba Wine Club packages are designed to take you on an unforgettable wine experience. Currently we have six different Subscription packages and two GIFTING packages, ranging in both price and wine variety. Wines for your everyday moments, to add to your premium cellar collection, and for those adventurous occasions.


Your wine has arrived

Melba Wine Club is an Australian and family owned club. Leanne De Bortoli and Steve Webber play a vital role when picking particular wines for each package, and take great pride in assuring the highest quality and personal preferences are included and delivered to your door bi-monthly. We want to eliminate the confusion you can experience in your local bottle shop and provide you with the best of the best varietal wines.


An experience you won't forget

Experience is everything and here at Melba Wine Club we want to make this come alive with every purchase. Each wine order will come with its own information kit including:

  • Tasting Notes for each wine
  • Winery update
  • Food matches from our Locale Head Chef, Adam Mead
  • Upcoming vintages, limited release wines and member-only deals online and in cellar door
    (* will not be included in every pack)


Sharing is caring

We love hearing about your wine experience and the perfect way to share this is in our wine club community forum. Here you can talk to the winemaker, De Bortoli family, and other wine club members about your experience, perfect food matches and recommend other wines to members and much more. Learn from an open community of wine lovers and provide any feedback you may have on the wines.